Dr. Haugen Fillings Simplified

Dr. Haugen

At Zumbro View Dental we are happy to provide this initial information for you. You are always welcome to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

“Fillings”  -  Here is a simplified description to this involved topic for summary purposes.  More detail can be discussed as necessary,

At Zumbro View Dental the material we use to provide a “filling” for a patient is determined by the patient after we review and you understand your options.

We are happy to provide all options discussed here.

‘Tooth colored’ composite “fillings”.  The most esthetic “filling” would be the dental composite material.  This material bonds to the tooth and provides quite esthetic recreation of the tooth’s natural coloring.  This material can be used to replace where a cavity took away tooth or this material can be used to bond onto tooth where there use to be a unsightly ‘gap’ between the teeth.  When this material ‘wears out’ over time it can be replaced however, the damaging cavity has the risk of progressing quite quickly under the old dental composite.

‘Tooth colored’ glass ionomer “fillings”.  We are happy to provide this material and yet remain highly patient honoring to any preference where some patients do not want any exposure to dental fluoride.  We respect all patient’s preferences and some decline this material on the basis that it does incorporate dental fluoride in its content strategy.

Glass ionomer tooth colored “fillings” are another excellent tooth colored option yet they are slightly not as esthetic as the composites described above.  Typically this material is chosen for ‘back’ teeth situations that do not show much if at all when a patient smiles.  However, they are quite durable and when this material ‘wears out’ and needs replacing, the damaging cavity that can occur typically is less damaging to the remaining tooth with this office’s practical experience.  Hence, this material is known for ‘saving more tooth’ when and if a cavity recurs over time.  In some situations the salvage of tooth can allow us more flexibility re-replacing again with a “filling” instead of sooner rather than later needing to provide a dental crown to “re-strengthen” a weakened remaining tooth structure. Some limitations apply for this material including the ‘side walls’ of some teeth.

“Silver colored’ dental amalgam “fillings”.   

Rest assured at Zumbro View Dental that we acknowledge and honor individual parent and patient preferences regarding the use of dental amalgam as an option in their individual care plan. Some patients prefer not to include such. We enjoy all dialogue and will honor those preferences. The following contains general information that summarizes information for those that do prefer to consider a dental amalgam.

Dental amalgam is one of the most well studied materials in dentistry over the decades of modern dental research.  Dental amalgam, ‘silver filling’, is a time honored tradition in dentistry and some readers may be surprised to hear that many patients do elect daily still in our practice – especially for a tooth that does not show when they smile. 

To simplify here – the ‘side’ walls that you floss in the back teeth that touch neighboring teeth can commonly get decay.  Also, for patients who elected previously to receive a ‘tooth colored’ filling in the past on a side wall, one of the most common areas for recurrent decay around “ tooth colored fillings ” on back teeth are these side wall regions.  “Silver fillings” can and do provide an option for a ‘filling’ on these side walls that many times is more durable than a tooth colored filling and less involved financially.  Many patients of varying age elect these ‘silver’ fillings on back teeth that don’t show when they smile and receive decades of durability and tooth health.

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